Lust is a female problem too.



Love the site.

May I make a suggestion? Please stop acting as though lust is a problem that only men deal with. In this day and age, we are all being  attacked by the spirit of lust. Every time I go to a Christian site, the men always address other men and totally ignore the women. Where do you get off thinking that women do not struggle with lust? Do you think we are blind? God made women attracted to men the same way that men are attracted to women. Females are not asexual beings you know. Men think that women do not lust. How would you know if you're not a woman? Please address your articles to us too. Most of the women I know lust just as much, if not more than, men. We struggle with pornography addiction and sexual imagery as well! Most of the lascivious images around us are directed at straight males because they are propagated by straight males. But don't be fooled; there is propaganda out there to get women caught up in lust as well, and it works. I find I can't watch a TV show without having sinful attractions to male characters and it feels really bad. Please acknowledge that women struggle with this too. We have eyes just as men do.


Clearly you haven't read much of the site. See: I have a problem with pornography while my husband doesn't. Most of the questions concerning lust come from guys, so of course I address it from a male perspective. I have and do address the problem of lust with females as well. That you haven't run across it in the 8,000 pages on the site is understandable. There is also a site for teenage girls and one issued discussed is pornography. See: Growing Up in the Lord: A Study for Teenage Girls - Pornography.