Why did ancient cultures lose the story of God?


I was discussing with a friend how there is literal scientific evidence to show that the world is less than 10,000 years old. Then the question was raised: "Why did ancient cultures (Olmec, etc.) lose the story of God?" In other words, we are asking what caused these ancient peoples to have a different story than what the Word tells us.


You mean like how cultures all around the world have a story about a family surviving a flood that result in mankind's continued existence? Details vary but commonality in the stories point to a single source. See: Flood Legends. Or perhaps you mean how the ancient Chinese characters reflect knowledge of the biblical accounts? See:Genesis and Chinese Characters.

The fact that people wish to rewrite their history or forget about the past when their current beliefs conflict with past beliefs is not unusual. We see evidence of people reinterpreting history all the time for their own gains.

Evidence exists but sometimes you have to dig because people dismiss what doesn't match their expectations.