Should Christians end their business because of the health care laws that include birth control?


I'm not directly affected by this change in law but I know people who are. Should Christians with employees end their business because of the health care laws that now include birth control as a "women's right?"


Roman Catholics protest this new requirement because in their beliefs any prevention of the possibility of pregnancy by an act of sex is wrong. The only form of control of conception that they find acceptable is the timing of sex to make the likelihood of conception less.

For Christians, however, the concern with birth control is that the term is too broad. Things that allow conception but prevents the birth of a child is still "birth control." They are unacceptable since it is clear that in the Bible life begins at conception, not a birth. See Contraceptives for more details.

The health care law requires the purchase of insurance that covers the cost of birth control. But as a Christian covered by such insurance, I don't have to purchase or use birth control methods that are unacceptable. As an employer, it is annoying to be forced to finance things that you don't believe in, but in reality it is the employee who must make the right decision in the eyes of God.

As it stands right now, the government is paying things that as a Christian I find to be wrong. It is no different than in the days of the early church. The government then financed things like idolatry. Yet, I am required to pay my taxes (Romans 13:1-7). What is done by the government with the money I pay is not in my control, but I still control what I do.

The health care law is just another form of tax -- it is just that some of it is being collected by private companies. Whether I like it or not, it is there and I have to pay the tax. Still, I don't have to use the immoral services that may be provide with that tax money. It is just as the early church did not get involved with the emperor worship that Rome financed with its tax collections.