Should I pray for a non-Christian who wants to have children?


Mr Hamilton,

I need your guidance please. I encountered a moment where a non-Christian who told me that she been married for a number of years and had no chilrdren. She said she really wants to have children. Inside, my heart said something like "pray for her," but I don't know what words to use to pray for her. I remember your article before that said something like miracle are over. So I just said to her, please be patience. I want to ask you: Can I use that moment to pray for her in Jesus name? What pray should I say?

Lord Jesus bless you.


There is no reason not to pray for those still in the world. It shows that you care.

I think you touched on the proper thing to say. Pray that she finds the patience to wait for an answer from the Lord, ask the Lord to grant her desire if it would be His will, and ask that in the process that she learn to trust in the Creator of the Universe and the One who loves her so much that He gave His Son to open the door to her salvation if she would choose to enter.

Hi Mr. Hamilton,

Thanks very much. I will think and learn about what you said.