Is Australia's unique wildlife evidence for evolution?


This guy in my school is using Australia's unique wildlife as an evidence for evolution because they are separated from other continents, thus making them evolve into completely different animals. How do I explain that he is wrong? He insists on converting me into an atheist.

Also, this is irrelevant to the prior topic, but why do people worship Satan? Isn't that like asking to go to hell? Is it just to mock Jesus?

Thanks again Mr. Hamilton!


If it evolved then he should be able to show the transitional forms from other creatures in the fossil record. But those transitional forms don't exist. All we have is his assertion that the unique creatures came to be because of isolation. That isn't proof. It is a statement about what you would like to conclude.

The problem is that isolation is known to allow creatures which can't compete against other species to thrive. What isn't ruled out is that creatures like the kangaroo may have been more widely established but died out else where because of competition and hunting. Australia's isolation allowed these creatures to continue to survive.

Another problem is that some animals in Australia are so uniquely designed that explaining how they came to be is near impossible for an evolutionist. See: Animals that Prove Creation.

You won't be able to convince this guy that he is wrong because the odds are that he won't consider the evidence. But study up on the topic and ask him questions that shows unique design and not random change. Ask him what it is about Australia, other than isolation, that forced species to be so unique that could not happen in other parts of the world.

It is odd that people worship Satan since his existence and character is described in the one book that they object to. Their very acknowledgement of Satan actually shows their belief in the Bible. Those I know involved in Satanism are motivated by rebellion. If you say go left, they will go right just to spite you. Ultimately, they believe that this world is all there is and they prefer to make other people uncomfortable with their false claims.