I was refreshed to know there are others who are focused on the message



Studying in the book of Judges this morning, I did a search and Google included La Vista Church of Christ as one of the links. I was curious so I visited your site. I was very refreshed to read your declaration of fidelity to the Lord in your "Who We Are" comments. With so much heresy, Catholics calling men 'father', bowing and scraping and kissing hands, trying to influence the Lord by praying to men (saints) or to Mary, erecting idolatrous statues and genuflecting before them, etc. most all of the denominational churches absolutely missing God and ordaining women, homosexuals, marrying homosexuals, just corrupt and sold out to the world, I was encouraged to see your strong statement regarding focus on spiritual growth and sincerely worshiping God. I have been raising the same cry in my fellowship about solemn respect, genuine worship of God, and spiritual growth, as opposed to the social club of lightheartedness, taking the Lord for granted, and frolicking instead of earnestly seeking the fellowship of Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I am happy to say there are other disciples who are receptive and share the same concerns. The Spirit has been leading me to stand firm, have faith and trust Him to increasingly convict people. I know God will have His way, but this is a big problem in our society and our churches and your declaration was very refreshing. I thought I'd let you know your message is getting out and influencing people in divers places. It was good to see your gravity regarding keeping the church focused, and being faithful and true to the Lord.

God bless and have a great day.


Thank you for the kind encouragement.