What would be an example of a sin not to pray for?


Your article "A Sin Leading to Death" reminded me of a question I have struggled with. The lead in verse I John 5:16-17, if I may paraphrase simply says there is a sin to pray for and not to pray for. What would be an example of a sin not to pray for?


Sins where the person is unrepentant and has no desire or intention of changing. Asking God to forgive someone who doesn't think they are wrong or who wants to sin is a fruitless task.

I have adult children who are not faithful but they were taught the truth. I still pray for them even though, at least for now, they have no desire to change. I went through a rebellious time as a young man, but I know my mother never stopped praying for me, and I eventually came back to what I knew was right. I am conflicted, is it just not necessary to pray for those who turn away, like the example in this verse, or is it wrong?

You don't pray that they be saved in their sins, but you can pray that God finds a way to open their eyes to the fact that they are in sins so that they might turn back to Him.

OK, that makes complete sense. Thanks.