If someone wasn't in a good mental state when getting married, is the marriage still valid?


If someone was diagnosed with depression, and post traumatic stress, and were put on meds like Zoloft and Lyrica for chronic pain, and the meds made them crazy, are they really responsible for their actions? If someone got married in that kind of mental state is that marriage still valid in the eyes of God?


Zoloft is a drug that treats depression and Lyrica is a drug to prevent seizures and manage pain. It is always a question when taking a drug to reduce symptoms of a mental illness whether the drug made the symptoms worse or whether the drug didn't work and the symptoms became worse on their own. Neither Zoloft or Lyrica have listed as a known side-effect interference with judgment.

In general a person is always responsible for their actions. Circumstances might mitigate the punishments, but it doesn't relieve responsibility. In this case, a marriage is still a marriage. I agree that it wasn't a good time in your life to make such important decisions, but the fact remains that you did.

Even in secular society, you would be hard pressed to prove that a contract made while you were in this state should be declared to be invalid. The judge would assert that if you were that incapacitated, you should not have been wandering around on your own in society.