Is it a problem to marry a man of a different belief than your own?


I'm 22 years old. The first time I was involved in sexual sin with a guy, I thought I would marry, but it didn't work out. I have a different boyfriend now, and we have slept together a lot of times. But I decided I couldn't continue this life of sin, and I decided to stop. I spoke to him and he agreed that we should stop. We really love each other and hope to get married in the near future.

However, his doctrine is different from mine. I attend a Pentecostal church and he attends a Celestial church where they wear white garments and remove their footwear. Their doctrines are questionable and so different from mine. I thought this wasn't a problem because we agreed to attend my church after marriage, but someone made me understand some things about diverse religious backgrounds in marriage and now I'm so confused.

Please, I need your advice and counselling.


My advice is that both of you leave the denominational world behind and simply become Christians, following after the teachings of Christ. See We Are Simply Christians Without Being Members of Any Denomination, You Can be Too!

Neither one of you have been devoted to God. You both have put your personal desires before the teachings of God. I'm glad you are turning away from sin and in that turning, I hope you both turn fully to God.

It is true that if a couple does not agree on religion, they will have more difficulties in their marriage. It usually becomes most noticeable when the children come. Inevitably there are arguments over which religion the children will be raised in. Often the parents disagreement over doctrine leads to the children deciding to turn away from all religion.