You all have a marvelous work with your web site and have excellent material.


Hello my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ,

You all have a marvelous work with your web site and have excellent material. It's always good to see a church of Christ being steadfast at delivering the true word of God. There are many churches of Christ who have fallen away from the Gospel. I have been teaching Bible class for about a year now and ran across your web site inadvertently and was shocked by the material collected throughout the years. I attend a church of Christ in Texas and was hoping to begin collecting material from our congregation to host on our web site. You guys have set an example for many of the congregations to follow. I have never seen nor heard of such a wonderful idea where members can ask questions and receive a biblical answer for all to see line upon line and precept upon precept.


I'm glad you are finding the web site useful. Few people realize that this site is basically being maintained by a single preacher at a small congregation, who works on it in his spare time. I always smile when people mention my "staff."

The questions on the site come from all over the world and are not limited to members of the church. There are numerous things that have gone into the design of the site that makes it easy for search engines to find the material available as well as making it easy for people to locate information through browsing. One point that I've told others is that if one person asks a question, then there are thousands of others with the same question, but not willing to actually ask it. Thus, each answer to a question generates both more visitors to a site as well as more questions. In the Internet you first have to give people reasons to come to your site before they will visit. Posting articles, sermon outlines, useful links, etc. all help people and generate interest. Currently La Vista's site has about 7,000 unique visitors per day and the two sub-sites for teens dealing with growing up issues has about 3,000 unique visitors per day. We are getting about 50 questions each week. Having a record of prior answers means I can respond to many questions by pointing them to the answers that are already there.