How do you know what Bible references to use?


What is the best way in how to study my Bible? As you do when writing the articles, how do you know which specific references to use?


The simple answer is whatever way that keeps you interested. As an example, I've never read my Bible from cover-to-cover. I've read the whole Bible many times, but I tend to read it by books or chapters as I have need or interest. Some sections I'll spend more time reading over because the topics contained in them are important to my life as a Christian. Others sections I'll read once in a while.

In answering questions, I'll look for verses that deal with that particular topic. Often I'll recall one particular verse deals with the issue at hand. I'll locate it and then use cross references to find more on that topic. I also have some reference books, like "Where to Find It in the Bible" that have verses listed under more modern-day terms. As I find verses, I jot down how the verse fits into the topic. If it contributes an important point, I'll often cross-reference that verse for additional verses.

If the issue is about a particular verse's meaning, I'll go back and read the verse in its context -- which surprisingly will often show what the problem is. Many people only vaguely recall verses and get ideas mixed up as a result.

It is only after I have studied a topic and made a long list of verses that might be used that I then look at the result and figure out how to organize what I've learned so that it comes across clearly. In this way, I don't make the Bible fit my preconceived ideas. I look at it as explaining what God has already said. Then I start writing the article or answer.