My 30 year old son moved back home and won't leave.


I've been a Christian for over 30 years. We took our kids to church until they grew up and got married. One got divorce. Because of that he started going to church and got saved. He moved in with as me and my wife. Now I'm having problems with him. He's trying to change me to the way he thinks I should live as a Christian life. He is very rude, forceful and aggressive. He's driving me crazy. I told him to leave and find an apartment, but he just won't go. Please tell me what can do?


You are the owner of your home. There is no reason why you and your wife can't insist that he leave. If you must, you can put his things in front of the house and change the locks on your door. Or you can get an injunction against him saying that he must leave and have the police enforce it if necessary. Your son is a guest in your house. You have to keep the relationship clear.