Is there any scientific evidence that Christianity is the true religion?


I am not a Christian! But I have been thinking about the religion. I would like to know more about Christianity. Is there any scientific evidence that Christianity is the true religion? And didn't the church oppose science some centuries back? Thanks.


"Scientific evidence is the result of objective testing of a theory or hypothesis in a way that can be reproduced by others, such as in an experiment or controlled trial." []

All evidence is not scientific evidence. Scientific evidence is limited to the physical world where events can be repeated and measured. For example, one cannot prove that George Washington was the first president by science. It isn't that evidence is lacking for his presidency, but since it cannot be physically observed, measured or repeated, it doesn't fall into the category of scientific evidence.

Scientific evidence has its place, but there is little in life where we limit ourselves to just scientific evidence. Courts use a much broader range of evidence for determining facts in cases. Individuals use an even broader range of evidence for making decisions.

It would be a mistake to equate Roman Catholicism with Christianity. Christianity is what is taught in the New Testament. Roman Catholicism is roughly based on the New Testament, but sees the New Testament as just one of many sources for its beliefs. Roman Catholicism did oppose scientific innovation in the past. It is an organization that changes beliefs and teachings, but it changes slowly. Thus rapid changes in science often catches it unprepared.

I'm not a Roman Catholic and I don't teach Catholicism. My duty is to teach simple Christianity, as found in the New Testament. "If anyone speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God. If anyone ministers, let him do it as with the ability which God supplies, that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belong the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen" (I Peter 4:11).

In regards to the evidence of Christianity, the case is huge and one I don't think I can adequately cover as a single topic. I can address individual points. As examples, see:

What makes you think Christianity is the true religion? Suppose you were born into a Muslim family, wouldn't You say Islam is the true religion? In the same way, wouldn't you say Hindu is the true religion, if you were born to a Hindu family? As a matter of fact, every religion says the same thing; the existence of god. Everyone born into each religion says their religion is true. All these questions are leading me to be an atheist!

I offered you a number of pieces of evidence for you to examine. You made no response to the evidence. I must conclude that you don't know how to handle the truth they point to. Instead, you ignored the very evidence you asked for and assume that Christian is followed simply because it is a cultural tradition.

In regards to other religions, the simple truth is that they have no supporting evidence.

Some regarding Islam:

Hinduism is a religion of idols and lacks evidence, just as every other idolatrous religion:

My challenge to you then is prove atheism is true. It is what you demand of other religions, so it is fair to weigh your evidence. Atheism is not the default religious system when all others are rejected. It is a belief system and should be able to stand on its own evidence of accuracy and truth.