Does the curse of Canaan mean we should be saving as many black people as possible?


Can you send me all the information you have on the curse of Canaan? I see Ham had four sons and Canaan was the youngest. So this can't mean all black people are cursed because it was only the descendants of one of the four children. Yet at the same time that's a lot of people! So I am looking for a lot of balanced truth all of this and also how this aligns with the love of God.

Lastly, since Genesis 9:25 is a true statement, and why it was even allowed ponders me, there are worse sins, and it seems a bit extreme to effect millions of people for thousands of years. But back to the point, shouldn't we as Christians hunt down as many black people as possible and get them saved?


See: Why was Canaan punished for his father's indiscretion?

This isn't because Canaan had black skin. In fact, Canaanites were medium toned. It is completely about behavior learned from parents and passed down through the generations. The curse didn't cause the behavior, the curse prophesied what would happen in the future, and it was fulfilled.

If anything, this story is about how you as a parent affect the lives of your descendants by the way you behave. You set precedence for good or ill that lasts far longer than you might guess. Another good example of this is Micah, who stole money from his mother. One thing led to another and a false religion was established that lasted for over 1,000 years! See Religion According to Man for details.

All people, regardless of skin tone, need saving because all have sinned (Romans 3:23).