Is your material available in printed form?


I am looking for a church and found your web site:  While looking it over, I wondered if you have in printed or as an Adobe PDF the Articles and Sermons sections (perhaps other information too)?

I am grateful for some of the information I have had time to read on your site.  It is true many religions today have gotten away from the truth and gone to the words of man to define their reasons for the way things are or they believe should be.


Much of what appears in the Studies and Workbooks section are available in printed form, or can be made to be printed with a few days work on my part. On the title page of each study that has a printed form there is a link to where the printed form can be purchased. Each page in all sections can be printed directly to your own printer by clicking on Print or pressing Ctrl-P. There is a special style sheet on the site that formats the pages just for the printed page. I haven't attempted to compile the Questions and Answers, Articles, or Sermons into book form since they are changed nearly daily. I have a hard enough time trying to keep up with the questions that come in.