Someone upset that the Old Testament is no longer in effect.


do we read the same bible? But then again this is how things have to be for the prophecies to come to past the road to destruction is broad and alot of you people are on it you claim to be christians and luke 4:16 shows you live contrary to how christ lived you people take one or two verses of the bible and based your while religion on it while everything else says some thing different mathew 5:17 is for the people like you sons of lucifer that teach the doctrines of the devil why would there be an old testament if we didn't need it? The most high us not vain like you human beings are and you have the audacity to write these articles and put it out there for those seeking life to read you're murdering millions spiritually but this is the way its suppose to be for the word of the most high to be fulfilled you and the rest of the world shall come to him saying Mathew 7:22, and you lead many astray because what yu teach is not the teaching of christ its nothing he did or said but the teachings of men the most trusted men are preachers and you lead so much people to their destruction you want to live carelessly so anything in the bible that allows yu to do that you use as ammo you always use galatians 3:22-29 to tell people the law its no more and they should
Live like you when if you read and not lean upon your own understanding you'll see that it was taking about the law of preaching to other nations because they weren't allowed to but through faith in christ we are all abraham's seed entitled to the inheritance I'm 22 you people are probably grown men teaching this garbage for profit the bible call you gain sayers but I'll pray for your salvation I doubt it'll do anything because this is the way the world is supposed to be for revelation to come to past people like you must exist! Plz fwd to ur colleagues


I decided to leave the above question unedited. The only thing I got out of it is that he is upset that we point out that the Old Testament is no longer in effect.

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