Was Dr. Henry Halley associated with the churches of Christ?


Good day. I was reading your excellent article on Alexander Campbell. Good job. I have a question? Was Dr. Henry Halley of the famous Halley's Bible Handbook ever associated with the churches of Christ? I read where he was once a student of J. W. McGarvey. I saw also where he was associated with the Disciples of Christ. I know in his handbook, in the back of it, he agrees with the belief of the popes and sectarian churches.


According to Henry Halley's autobiography, he became a minister for the Disciples of Christ in 1898. The Disciples of Christ split off from the churches of Christ in the late 1800's so they held similar beliefs, but differed enough that they went different ways. The split with the Christian Church occurred at the same time. The Disciples were the ultra-liberal branch. The Christian Church took the populous, and mildly liberal direction. The churches of Christ stuck with the conservative approach.

I don't know how you come to the conclusion that he agreed with the beliefs of the popes or sectarian churches. I glanced through the section on church history at the back and it is clear he sees Catholicism as straying from the truth.