Do Methodists understand we are not under the Old Law?


I am about to begin a study of why Christians no longer keep the Old Testament Laws with a very special lady, soon to be my wife, who is a lifetime Methodist. My mention that the Law is no longer kept peaked her interest.  She expressed she would like to see that in Scripture.  I had the basics but felt that help was in order.  Your site has a very good study guide, authored by Jeffery W. Hamilton.  I've adopted its scripture into a lesson format.  Herein is where I'll be wanting.  Not being familiar with Methodism, what difficulties should be anticipated?

Any aid and direction is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


From what I know of Methodism, there is nothing in their belief system that states the Old Law remains in effect. Methodism, in general, has swung to a liberal view and its adherents tend to think that people can choose whatever belief system they like. Thus, many Methodists have no qualms about Jews living under the Old Law while they live under the New Law. But still, the Methodists don't believe they live by the Mosaic Covenant.

While Methodists don't officially believe Christians are under the Ten Commandments, it is a very common belief among religious people in general. However, I think that if you go through the points and passages with your fiance, she won't many difficulties with the points. If you run into questions you don't know how to address, you are always welcome to write.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I feel, with the assistance of your great article, I may present a lesson with scriptural content. Thank you so very much!