Why the first holy communion?


Why the first holy communion? What is confirmation after the first holy comunion?


The "first communion" is the name Roman Catholics give to the first time a person partakes of the eucharist. "Confirmation" is also a Roman Catholic term for teaching someone how to be a Roman Catholic. Neither phrase is found in the Bible.

These practices came about because the Roman Catholic church changed the time when a person joins the church. Long ago people realized that the earlier a person joined a church, the more likely they would remain in that church. Thus, even though the Bible teaches that a person becomes a Christian after expressing faith in Jesus, repenting of their sins, and being baptized (Galatians 3:26-28; Acts 2:38), the Roman Catholics started baptizing infants. This created a problem because an infant cannot express faith or repentance. In truth, an infant does not commit sins from which he must repent.

Therefore, confirmation was added by the Catholic church to correct the problem they caused. Supposedly the person confirms after the fact what was done to him as a child. All of this is not needed when men follow God's plan instead of making up their own.