Have you been able to convert people from the liberal churches?


I was wondering, have you had any luck converting those who use their buildings for recreation? I have a lot of frineds who attend liberal churches of christ and I just wondered if you had any advice on how to correct. Thanks.


Several of the current members at La Vista came out of liberalism and I've had a number throughout my years of preaching come to see the problems in the liberal churches.

What generally works well is to realize that liberalism can only be promoted in an atmosphere where biblical authority is not taught. One of the things I've always found interesting is that when people from a liberal congregation come to visit, they almost universally say, "Wow. I haven't heard lessons like that in years," in reference to the amount of time spent reading and discussing what God actually stated on various matters of daily living. It usually makes a big impression because they were looking around because the congregation they currently attend had just added yet another innovation unjustified by the Bible.

I make sure that when I know people are visiting from liberal churches to increase the number of lessons I give on how to establish God's authority on matters. I then show how it is applied in situations where I know there won't be much disagreement. Eventually we'll get to more controversial areas, but by then they know what to look for and often reach the correct conclusion with my pointing it out.

The problem is that the proper foundation isn't being laid in the liberal churches. Make up for that lack and liberalism dies out.

Hey, thanks a lot! It's encouraging to know my congregation isn't the only one out that there doesn't do the whole social gospel thing. Thank you so much for the reply! It helped a lot.

If it is ok, can I continue submiting questions?

Of course you are welcomed to send questions. It isn't like I set a limit or anything. I enjoy good questions.