Thank you for explaining controversial issues.


I am full of praise for your web site that explains controversial issues for people to understand and remove the burden of misinterpretation from their minds. In fact I only got to know of your site about two days ago, but on going through some of the answers that you have provided for the questions, I am full of praise for you. God bless you. Perhaps I may not be the type to praise that you will accept with great value but please accept my small praise from a poor young man.

I have been contemplating on a lot of things that you have explained in such a way that I am really glad inwardly when I am reading your answers. For me there is one thing that keeps me motivated in my search for salvation: I know God will accept me if I do what His word says by studying the scriptures and doing what it says as Peter said in Acts 10:35, "But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him."

I may also ask some personal questions and I know you will make time for me, but for now I can see you have provided so much that I need to go through some of them and later ask my questions. Once again may the Almighty God give you grace to continuously help people in understanding His word and in doing it as well. God bless you!


I am glad that you find the information useful in your personal studies and your life. The fact that people, such as yourself, are eager to search the Scriptures is more a source of joy for me. I always see myself as just the messenger, the true treasure is in the message itself, which doesn't originate with me (I Peter 4:11).

Yes, I'll be happy to help you with your own questions. I know there is a lot discussed on the site, so if you don't find what you are looking for, just ask. If there is something close to your question, I'll point you to the prior answer. If not, I'll address your issue.