Thank you for your lesson on the greatest commandment.


Matthew 22:37 to me is the reason we are here. Deuteronomy 6:5-8 gives me the assurance of God's love for us. We are to love Him at all time regardless of our our situation. Sometimes it scares me that the love of God is so powerful yet so gentle. Romans 11:27-36 finalizes Jesus and Holy Spirit with the Father as loving us beyond understanding. Conclude with Psalm 139. God takes great care in telling us about us. We can do it. Let's go to Heaven. Thank you for your wonderful lesson. 

Is there a web page or commentary on the Greatest Commandment or have you written on this one Greatest Commandment? It seems we are missing the mark when we know what God wants from us. We continually look for differences as to why we can not do this or that. Were we to truly obey the greatest commandment all else would be more easily accomplished.


I'm not certain which page you found that that you found so useful, but I'm glad it helped. There is a sermon outline on the greatest commandment, called "The Greatest Commandment." You might also wish to consider the lesson, "Teaching Love."