"You sound like congregations I've been associated with all my life."


I stumbled upon the web site of the La Vista church and I just wanted to say that your article on the home page takes me back many years ago when the church was trying to be a true church of Christ -- not competing with denominations, etc. The church in La Vista sounds like a traditional church I have been associated with most of my life. We were a military family and have been fortunate enough to find people of "like faith" anywhere we were.

The photo of your building is very pretty and it looks like you may have a small family there, but I hope you are able to reach the community with the truth through some sort of programs. A congregation doesn't have to be huge to be benevolent and evangalistic and your web site is a great way to reach out to the lost.

May God bless your efforts. In Christ,


My son, who took the picture, will be pleased to know you like it.

La Vista's numbers have varied widely over its existence. One member calculated that if everyone who had been a member here had stayed instead of moving away, we would be over 500. As it is, we tend to hover around 40. We are near the Offutt Air Force Base, so we definitely understand what military life is like.

Meanwhile, we do what we can with what God has given us. Thank you for the words of encouragement.