What about those farmers who torture their animals?


What about these awful farms that keep calves anemic and torture them just to offer veal on a menu when we already have meat choices. At one point is it torture? Do you feel God would accept the way we farm today? Is there a list of Christian farmers that can be circulated to give people a choice to make a decision that God would be accepting of?


There are laws in every state opposing cruelty to animals. I daily read about accounts where they are being enforced. Farmers who mistreat their livestock would not stay in business. Mistreated animals don't make good breeders or good food.

By making a broad and unspecific charge against all farmers as a class is spreading gossip. You don't know of a farmer who is mistreat his herd. You just assume that it is going on because other people have told you. If you know of mistreatment, it is your duty to turn the evidence over to the humane society or other government agency so that the matter can be looked into and corrected.

If you prefer knowing where your food was raised, I know of numerous small farm operations who have found a niche market in dealing directly with consumers. Most are organic farmers because food in this class tends to be more costly. But all you need to do is go down to your local farmer's market and start asking around.

No assumptions being made here. Or gossip. The fact is veal is on most menus and it is a calf that is stowed in a box so that it cannot move and grow muscle mass. That is a fact. And all veal lovers are sinners if they are aware of the process in how a baby animal ends up on their plate.

Here are the government expectations. Please note that anemia is specifically mentioned. If the rules are not followed action can and is taken against the farmer. A Wikipedia article makes note of where just such has happened.

As I said, you are speaking against an industry without knowledge of how that industry is operated and regulated. Please also note that you are stepping beyond your bounds. You declare that people who eat veal are sinners. First, you did not prove sin takes place in the raising of veal. Second, you declared something to be a sin without evidence from the Scriptures. You just violated what Paul stated, "Let not him who eats despise him who does not eat, and let not him who does not eat judge him who eats; for God has received him" (Romans 14:3).