"The article on being a preacher's wife was just what I needed."


Recently I read your article on "The Blessings of Being a Preacherís Wife" and I just want to tell you that I have been so blessed by it.

In two months I am getting married to a preacher myself, so I was going through the internet such articles. All that you mentioned in the article were the exact doubts I had. I sensed such a joy even reading the article.

I have had people telling me all the time to be careful, as I am marrying a preacher, "life is going be lonely, tiring, etc.," but I believe that the Lord will not allow me to go through something that I cannot bear. I know His plans are the best, even though I do have insecurities, I am sure I will overcome this.

So is there any advice you would like to give me?

Keep me in your prayers too.


I'm glad you found this article to be useful. Sister Barbara left this world back in 1985. You can read a bit more about her life in the article that Truth Magazine published after her death: "Obituary: Barbara C. Adams Goes To Her Reward"