"I lied in my earlier note to satisfy a spanking fetish."


The following email conversation was made up, on my part. I have had a fetish of spanking since I was 4 years old as far as I can remember. I recently had a memory restored to me of being spanked at 1 1/2 years old. I established some dysfunctional associations to spanking and in my sexuality and have struggled with them since. I now see the magnitude of damage it has caused me and I have caused as a result. I am so sorry. I now see how damaging inflicting any form of hurt upon another causes people in many facets of life, including anything from spanking to war, and I believe the two are related. I firmly believe there are much more loving ways of discipline and guidance and if one ever feels the need to 'correct' another's behavior, the morror is a much more an appropriate place to turn to than a paddle. Jesus spoke of tolerance and kindness and forgiveness. He was far from punishing (aside from throwing a few tables over at the temple).  Mathew 18:6 says it well.

Anyway, I plead with you to remove my words of perversion from your site. I am so sorry for misleading you and your readers and spreading my poison in your direction and I pray nobody has been harmed or hurt as a result.

May you have a wonderful and loving New Year.


When it comes to issues involving spanking, I get more fraudulent messages than real ones. Sometimes I let matters play out to see what comes of it. When possible, if there are usable parts to a note that I suspect isn't truthful, I will respond simply because it makes a good teaching situation. The answers I gave were accurate to the information provided. I won't be removing the answers. I don't keep records of who sent what, so I can't even verify your claim that you provided the original question.

Frankly, there are multiple things in this note that causes me to suspect that what is being claim is not accurate either.

  1. Though there was an exchanged of about four emails, the sender did not know my name.
  2. The referenced note has been posted for years.
  3. Claims of recovered memory has been debunked decades ago in psychology.
  4. The mention of a connection between spanking and war tells me the person is among the anti-spanking crowd. The truth is that spanking does not cause wars.

Therefore, I conclude the person is lying and is trying to get some of the effective teaching on this web site removed.