"Thank you for explaining topics like sex so clearly from the Bible."


I'm not completety sure who responds to "Questions," but I would like to say thank you! I am a Catholic and I can't say thank you enough. In my church sex and such is taboo. They never open up and talk to us so clearly like I found in La Vista Church of Christ's web site. I love that you, whoever and however many people are doing this, write and translate Bible verses and really, truly answer the questions asked, so that after reading it you have no further questions. I really love your web site and really thank you so much! Your preaching is helping me all the way out here and you have done something that my church would never do. I greatly appreciate your straightforward answers.


Thank you very much for the enthusiastic endorsement. Almost all the answers on this web site are written by me (Jeff Hamilton). I do "recruit" people once in a while when I know someone who is more knowledgeable about a particular question than I am. I also have some brothers who step in to give me a hand when I get swamped with questions. All those answers have their names at the bottom. The ones without names are my own. I just never felt the need to repeatedly write my own name down.

When I started the site, one of my personal goals was to answer just about every question that comes in. I figured that if one person sends in a question, there are likely to be thousands of others with the same question, but who weren't as bold as to ask it. It also helps my own studies out because it keeps me out of a personal rut in the topics I learn about.

One of the things that has amazed me is how often I will plainly tell people that their thinking is wrong about a matter, proving my point from the Scriptures, and then have the person write back to thank me. Clearly there are people who don't mind when someone corrects them, so long as they have an understandable reason for doing so.

I'm glad you are finding the site useful and I hope it will continue to help you in your future studies. And thank you for the "thank you." It is notes like yours which make this self-appointed task more pleasant to accomplish.