Can I reach heaven with all this negativity in my life?


I am a Christian and have been for some time now. My problem is I have trouble letting go of my guilt because of past sins. I feel extremly depressed and in deep remorse for past sins. I know that God forgives me if I repent, confess, and ask for forgiveness, but I still feel lost for some reason. I believe in God and love him very much. I have trouible in forgiving myself. I know you must be able to forgive to receive forgiveness.

I am in constant prayer with God on a daily basis. I only want to be happy and joyous like the Bible says I should. Also perfect love is supposed to cast out all fear. I truly love God but am still very fearful at times. I'm afraid I'm not forgiving and loving the way I should. I have been to many doctors and church counselors who chalk it up to anxiety and depression. I hope that someday I'll have what all other Christians have; that is, a happy, rejoicing, forgiving, and loving life.

Do you have any suggestions or advice as to why you think I'm having these negative feelings? Can I still make it to heaven with all this negativety in my life as long as I believe love and continue to strive to do Gods will? I hope that you respond with some help for my feelings. Thank you. God bless you


We are currently having a series of lessons on the topic of "The Pursuit of Happiness." Oscar Miles is addressing the very issues you are raising and I would like you to listen to the lessons.

Happy people and unhappy people experience the same things in life. Studies have shown that experience or circumstances in life do not determine whether a person is happy or not. As simplistic as it might seem, it boils down to the attitude a person chooses to take toward life. Happiness isn't a feeling, it is a choice regarding how a person faces life.