Why do bad things sometime happen to good people?


Hello, I stumbled upon your site on accident (or by fate) who knows, but it has been a useful tool for me. I'd just like to thank you!

Also, my question is that why do bad things sometime happen to good, wholesome people? People who go out of their ways to open doors for others, donate to churches, pray for others, and etc. It just baffles me because I am one of those people. I know I am a good person, I know I will not hurt anyone, I know I love God and I obey him the best I can. I go to church, I help others, rescue puppies out of burning buildings (not really, but close enough).

While I see mean, spiteful, people in this world getting their way at everything. I see horrible parents beating their kids, I hear stories of husbands cheating on their wife with 5 other women, I experience mean hurtful comments made to me daily from a co-worker who I have been nothing but nice to. Sometimes I lay down at night and just cry because all of these things are happening to me and I don't know why. I don't really understand but I know that I got it better than many other people (a family, roof over my head, loving parents, food on the table, bed to sleep in, etc.) and im appreciative for all that. But why do I feel like I got this black karma following me around?

What do you do when bad things happen to good people? What kind of cruel game is God playing?


See: Why Do Good People Suffer? Also read Psalms 73.