Are you Mormon? What are your beliefs?


I happened to stumble upon your church when I googled "the most accurate version of the Bible." I have been currently attended a Baptist church, which solely uses the King James Version. I am really in search of the truth on my Christian journey. I am not one who believes in denomination over the true content of the Bible.

Please do not take offense when I ask this question, but due to the name, are you in any way associated with the Morman faith? I am really trying to understand what your beliefs are.


The churches of Christ model their name after the first century Christians, just as they model their beliefs solely on the teachings of the Bible. "Greet one another with a holy kiss. The churches of Christ greet you" (Romans 16:16). So, no we are not Mormons who use a different book, the Book of Mormons, as the standard of their faith. We have numerous articles on problems with the Mormon beliefs which I invite you to read.

While the King James Version is a fine translation, it is not the best nor most accurate translation. See "Why don't you use the King James Version?"

Probably a good summary regarding the churches of Christ can be found in the article "What Makes the Church of Christ Different?"