Thank you for addressing problems few others are willing to write about.


I want to thank you for your web site and the fact you post articles and letters of every day problems Christians may face that almost no one talks about. Often I search for help in responding to one of my readers concerning a private problem and most of the time I can't find brethren who write (or post) on relevant topics I have to deal with on my site. Unfortunately, I have discovered Christian families go through the same problems the world does (abuse, immorality, and unspeakable sins). While articles on doctrine, Christ and His church need to continue, and I'm glad they exist, I do wish there were more articles on Christians' every day problems; the world has crept into Christian homes and sin, sickness, and grief need to be addressed.

I just read the article on the daughter who is homosexual and I appreciate the advice for the mother to take a firm stand - exactly what is needed.

with appreciation,

Pat Gates


Pat is one of the editors of Our Hope Online. It is an excellent resource, which I frequently recommend.