Do you know of some good visuals on Herod's family tree?


I've been trying to study the role of Herod The Great and those of his family tree because of the impact they played in the Scriptures.  Are you aware of a good web site where I can find visuals of Herod's family tree? Along with this I'm trying to figure Herod's blood line. Does it have some of the blood line from the 12 tribes of the Old Testament?


Probably the clearest chart that I've seen of this messy family can be found at the bottom of "The Herod's." I particularly like this chart because it gives verse references. There are some errors, such as the claim that Herod Agrippa I died of worms gained by eating too much raw fish. So it would need to be cleaned up before use. A more colorful, but messy chart can be found at "Herod's Family." This chart includes more of the family, but following all the remarriages gets boggling.

Herod the Great was the second son of Antipater the Idumean. Thus primarily this family descends from Esau and the nation of Edom. His mother, Cypros, was an Nabatean, an Arab nation. For the most part they had no Jewish ancestry, but they officially adopted the Jewish religion.