Which one translation would you recommend?


I have been searching for articles on line regarding which English version of the Bible would be best (most accurate) for me to purchase and use to study.  I happened across your web page: Which Bible translations are the best? But I don't think one version was actually picked out above the rest, although many were compared.  Of course, I might have simply missed it.

Is there one version you would suggest over the others?  If so, if you don't mind, why?


Since there is no perfect translation, I don't recommend one particular translation. There is a set that I think can be used effectively, so long as the person knows where their weak points are. The sermon outline: "Which Translation Should I Use?" gives greater detail as what is good and bad about a number of translations.

When someone asks me about which translation to buy, I usually ask them how they plan to use it and which translations they've used in the past. For example, if someone has grown up using the King James Version, but is finding the wording awkward, I would recommend the New King James Version as a replacement. If someone is really interested in accuracy and doesn't mind awkward readings, then I generally steer them to the New American Standard Bible. If smoothness of reading is more important, then I will recommend the English Standard Version.