The change in food laws was an act of the Roman Catholic church.


I was reading your article you had done concerning Animal Rights and the Bible, and upon reading it you stated that the Most High had given Israel food laws, and then stated the Most High changed the food laws in the book of Acts. Sir, that teaching is totally false and because the Roman Catholic Church at the Council of Trent let it fly, it has grown and caused disobedience to the commandments of the Most High. Now below is the true teachings concerning the Dietary Law, hopefully you will take time to read and hear the truth with your eyes, so that you may repent and come out of this deception given unto slave masters to keep Israel from obeying the laws and commandments of the Most High.


The article was not included in this question since I rarely provide a forum for people to promote false doctrine in the form of questions.

You can read Darryl Treat's article carefully and find that there is no citation of Roman Catholic documents to prove his points. Each point was backed by citing the Bible. Since you didn't have a reply to this evidence, you turned to making up false charges. Since you don't have a point to make, further response is unnecessary.

What is more funny is that there are many things wrong with Roman Catholicism, but this isn't one of them. Worse, the Council of Trent, which did lay down many false doctrines, did not discuss food or clean and unclean animals. See: A Summary of the Declarations of the Council of Trent and The Council of Trent. So once again, the charges are based on false premises and don't deserve answering.