What do you suggest I do when my brothers are bugging me?


What do you suggest I do when my brothers are bugging me?


Having siblings is a blessing and a curse. It is great to have someone there to do things with, but because you live together they know all your weak points. If they want to irritate you, they know just how to get a reaction out of you.

It will take some thought on your part, but you need to decide what they are after.

If they are wanting to annoy you and you yell at them, then they "won." The best thing to calmly state that your busy right now and you'll see them later. If they don't take the hint, take them to your mom or dad and calmly state that you are in the middle of a project and don't have time deal with him at the moment.

Some times it is just that they are bored and they know you are fun to be around. Especially when you are the older brother, they want to be with you so they can see themselves as being older too. Instead of just tossing them out, tell them that you are busy right now, but you'll play with them later -- if you can set a time, then even better, and keep your word. If you change your mind later, then they won't trust what you say and will keep coming back to see if you going to be with them or not. At least this way you are organizing the interference on your term.