Do you have a study on Isaiah?


Currently, I am reading and trying to study the book of Isaiah.  I am really having a hard time trying to understand it though.  I looked on your web site to try to find a break down of it chapter by chapter like you did with the Song of Solomon. I read a chapter everyday, but I am not understanding it all.  I would really appreciate your assistance. 


That one is a tall order. I pulled out my notes from the last time I taught Isaiah (it was over 20 years ago!). They aren't in good enough shape to put up. Almost all my notes come from classes or sermons I teach at the local congregation. I've just taken to posting them as I develop them. Currently we're working through 1 and 2 Corinthians. So I'm going to recommend some commentaries to look at:

First is from the Bible Study Text Book Series. Unfortunately the books are in large PDFs which have to be downloaded. But it has lots of lots of good information. Isaiah is in three parts:

Isaiah 1
Isaiah 2
Isaiah 3

Another good resource is Albert Barnes' Notes on Isaiah. Finally, Matthew Henry's Commentaries are a bit harder to read, but they are generally filled with good cross references. Perhaps these resources will be enough to get you started.