How can I get the people at my congregation to sing parts?


In the church I attend they only sing the lead part. Do you know how I could get them to sing the other parts: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass? There are only two altos and one bass here, everyone else sings the lead. If you have any other web sites that would help that would be great.


First off, while singing parts sounds wonderful, it isn't required to fulfill the Lord's commands. Since it isn't commanded, you can't make anyone do what they are not inclined to do.

However, you can encourage people to try parts.

  • There are tapes in some of the bookstores that have songs sung broken down by the parts so a person can hear what it should sound like.
  • You can see if you can get a group to go down to one of the singing schools that are held every summer.
  • You can ask someone knowledgeable about singing to come hold a meeting on singing. We did that in La Vista about a year ago.
  • You can get a group who like to sing together for a singing and attempt to learn parts. Sometimes people are more willing to experiment in a small group than in a large one.
  • Take groups to area singings.

Basically, if you show enthusiasm for improving the singing it rubs off on others.