Do you think Satan's face appeared in smoke of the Twin Towers as they burned?


There were supposedly "faces" of Satan on the Twin Towers during 9/11. I have seen a video from CNN that clearly could look like "Satan" even though we have never seen him before. What do you think?

Also, how often do Satan and God talk to one another, and what do they


I have heard the claim before. Of course, you realize that we see the face of a man on the moon and not long ago there excitement over what appeared to be a face on the surface of Mars. Both are nothing more than shadows across geographical features, but the human brain is designed to look for faces -- even when faces don't belong. It was gives rise to watching the clouds and seeing all sorts of forms in the billows. It is also what causes people to see images of Mary on window panes and grilled cheese sandwiches. The scientific term for it is "pareidolia." Wikipedia has a decent article on it. Snopes as an article on the twin tower photos that also discusses this phenomenon.

Which brings us to the flames and smoke from the burning towers on September 11. Yes, there were images that appeared to be a face. But the face of Satan? What does Satan look like? Oh, I know there are numerous artist drawings which are labeled "Satan," but exactly what does Satan look like? Thus we conclude that these "faces" are just man's tendency to see faces.

The reason we know that God and Satan have sometimes talked is the first two chapters in Job and I Kings 22:19-23. Since this is the only information we have, it would be improper to conjecture what else might have occurred.