You might find interesting that the Amish in our county recently divided over the use of tractors.


I have recently moved to a small community to minister to a church of Christ. I found your article on the Amish very interesting as we have a rather large sect of Amish in the county.

What I thought you might find interesting is that the Amish here have recently gone through a split due to the younger generation wanting to use tractors to farm. I do not know when this all transpired; however, it caused a real division between the old and young. You will still see them in their horse drawn buggies, but they are now plowing with modern, yet old, tractors. They will also not turn down a ride to town in a car.

Thanks for your website. It has lots of great information.


I'm glad you are finding the information useful. And thank you for the update on recent trends among the Amish.