Is it wrong to have a fellowhip building for dinners?




You have a great web site, & I'm forwarding a link to several people. On the home page the first paragraph causes me to ask if you think it is wrong to have a fellowship building for pot luck dinners.

In answer to your question, I will point you to some responses and articles that address the topic.

Finding Liberty in Silence
If you can have fellowship with people who differ in one area, why can't you have fellowship with those who have kitchens and fellowship halls?
Isn't a kitchen just an way to reach people with the gospel?

Thanks for the links. I suppose the topic about 'silence' must indicate that your congregation does not use song books, microphones, etc.

Not at all, as the article on silence states. It is amazing how congregations have forgotten basic lessons, such as establishing authority (remember people talking about general and specific authority?).

See the sermon outline: All Things are Lawful

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