Did Abraham visit prostitutes?




I have read your article "Why Sex Outside of Marriage is Wrong" to develop my understanding.

I value your referring to the Bible for answers and will take all the knowledge I can from this particular piece. However, I would like you to shed some light on Abraham's use of prostitutes when away from home. How does this fit with what you say of God's instructions to man?

I know of no passage in the Bible that indicates that Abraham visited prostitutes. Prostitutes are mentioned in the Bible and there are mentioning of characters in the Bible visiting prostitutes, but that is because the Bible does not hide the fact that people sin. It praises people when they did what was right, but it also condemns people for doing wrong.

For example, David is described as a man after God's own heart. But David sinned on several occasions. We are told that he committed adultery, arranged for a man's murder, and broke God's law regarding numbering the people. He repented of these sins and received forgiveness, but it tells us that David was a man no different than people today.

Prostitution is clearly condemned by God. For a discussion of this from a woman's viewpoint, see "Prostitution." For a discussion of this from a man's viewpoint see "Prostitution."

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