Is quantum physics Christian?


Is quantum physics Christian?


Quantum mechanics is defined as:

  • A modern physical theory (much developed and refined since Neils Bohr's ground-breaking work in 1913) which deals with the structure and behavior of subatomic particles.
  • The physical theory of the composition and behavior of atoms and subatomic particles; explains the duality of light as wave and particle, the existence of chemical bonds, and radioactivity.
  • A field of physics that deals mathematically with phenomena on extremely small scales. At present, this particular theory is inconsistent with the general theory of relativity.
  • A system of mechanics based on quantum theory, which arose out of the failure of classical mechanics and electromagnetic theory to provide a consistent explanation of both electromagnetic wave and atomic structure.

Since it is an attempt to define how the world, as created by God, operates and there is nothing in the theory that presupposes that God does not exist and did not create the universe, there is nothing contrary in this theory to the teachings of the Bible. Since it is the creation of man attempting to explain the workings of God, it could be either correct or incorrect.