"These are not lies!"




Excuse me, these are not lies; I can tell you that. Oh and the thing I sent in about my son in school and stuff, that was true because he goes to summer school, and don't even say otherwise. They do grade him according to his work in summer school. and the thing about my friend, Jessica, [not posted] really did happen, OKAY? So don't even go there, you don't even know what [profanity deleted] is a  lie and what isn't! YOU GOT THAT? So he did go to school in the middle of July because he went to summer school. Anything else?

Thank you for confirming the insincerity of your questions. The lie in your last note [never posted because it was obviously contrived], by the way, was two part: 1) pretending that a past event recently took place, 2) asking whether it could happen to you, as if you were a child when you were an adult. I've already pointed out the flaws in your prior note, but for completeness, your note came on July 15th, which even for summer school students comes at the beginning of the second-half of the summer term; report cards are not send out until the end of summer. Add to that my extreme skepticism that a first grader would need to attend summer school due to a prior failure -- unless both parents are working and using summer school as a baby-sitting service; but then it would indicate parents who are not strongly involved in the rearing of their child. Such a parent would be ignoring their child and not spanking their child in an abusive fashion as you claimed to have done with your husband [that section was deleted before posting], especially for getting an "F." As I said, your note struck me as "wrong" and whether I pinpointed the exact section that was wrong doesn't matter.

I think what you are really upset about is that I'm not giving you ammunition in your campaign against spanking. You can't stand the fact that parents can both spank and be reasonable at the same time. As typically happens when a person is caught, you turn against the person pointing out your flaws, and as often happens you have become profane. I hope that one day you will give up your sinful ways and follow Christ.

That is not true. All I wanted to know is if it could happen? I never said anything else about a campaign or something like that. I am nowhere near upset because you wouldn't give me ammunition or something like that, but I would like to tell you something. If you don't listen to me and refuse to give me answers to that, then I will deal with it, but what I cannot deal with is that you think I am a liar. There is only one thing I lied about and I think we both know what it is (now don't we) so either you email me back and tell me why I am not getting the information I should be getting from a priest, (or whatever) or you go on and do your little thing and pretend that you know when someone is lying and be like that. It is not my choice, it is yours. So deal with THAT!

The problem is that you haven't been honest in your questions. I'm perfectly happy to help people deal with problems and find solutions based on the Scriptures, but when a person erects a false front then it is impossible for me to give a good answer. I stated that your notes weren't sincere and you have twice indicated that they did contain some falsehoods, though somehow you have convinced yourself that you are not guilty of lying.

If you wish to ask a direct, forthright question to which you would like a biblical answer, I'll be happy to respond. But this hidden agenda thing is just not worth my time.

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