How do I teach a stubborn person the truth about baptism?




Thank you for your response. I did have another question that touches on your response. The same goes for denomination such as the AME. They teach false doctrine when it comes to baptism and yet proclaim to be saved. I have a female friend that swears to be saved and to gave an account of her actions. I asked her if they same process was performed in the Bible but does not want to hear it. How can I guide her to the truth, as she is very stubborn.

There really is only one method for teaching the truth and that is sitting down with your friend and reading what God says on the matter directly from His word. "If anyone speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God" (I Peter 4:11).

When you try to present the truth without going back to the source, people are quite willing to argue with you because they feel that their word is just as good as your word. However, when you have them read it for themselves straight from their own Bible; well, now they are stuck arguing with God. Not that some don't proceed to do so. I've even had some refuse to read a passage because they knew what it would say. For such leave them in the hands of God, they know now what the Lord has said and where He said it. Let the Lord take it from there. "I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase" (I Corinthians 3:6).

Ask your friend if she is willing to study the Bible with you. As best you can, prepare a list of passages to study with her that is done in a sensible order. Have her read the passages from her own Bible. I might give a brief summary of the context of the passage, but I insist that those I study with read the passages for themselves. I like to listen as the person is reading and if there is any hesitation, I make sure they understand the words that they are reading. I then ask them one or two questions that can be answered directly from the passage to make sure the words didn't go into one ear and out the other.

If a question comes up and it fits in the topic at hand, I will have them turn to a passage that answers the question. I avoid answering with what I think, even if I'm certain that it would be a biblical answer. If I can't think of a passage, I will ask them if we can come back to that question at the next study after I locate an answer. I then write it down so as to not forget. I also delay questions that stray off the topic at hand, again writing them down to be addressed later.

If they have a counterpoint, I have them turn with me to the passage referred to. Often times it is taken out of context or it is not accurately quoted. Once they see the passage for themselves, it usually settles the problem presented.

If your friend is not interested in studying the Bible with you, then you have your answer. Pleasantly tell her to get back with you when she has an interest.

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