My boyfriend has been seeing prostitutes. What should I do?




My boyfriend, unbeknownst to me, went to the Philippines, met and slept with several prostitutes and is bringing one to the U.S. I am so hurt by this and I do not understand his behavior. Thank you for helping me. He keeps her picture by his bed but hides it when I am there.

I suspect that I am not getting a complete story because there are inconsistencies in what you are telling me. You state that your boyfriend had sex with several prostitutes while out of the country without your knowledge. The obvious question is: "How do you know this to be the case?" You state that he keeps a picture of a prostitute under his bed, but hides it from you. Again, how did you discover this? It also leads me to wonder why one particular person, if you state he saw many. Then you said he was trying to get a visa for this woman. Because of the intense and expensive screening process, this would indicate a more serious relationship than just a visit to a whore house. It implies that he has made a commitment to the woman and has signed papers stating this fact.

But worse of all, you call him your boyfriend. Why? If he has no commitment to you and is committing to someone else, why is he still a part of your life? Surely you are not hoping to marry such a person! Marriage is built on trust and commitment. He is not marriage material. Find a good man who is actually able to love you. Find a man who believes in God's way and doesn't have sex before marriage. You want a partner who will help you reach heaven, not one who pulls you toward hell (I Corinthians 6:9-11).

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