What Do You Need to Serve the Lord?

What Do You Need to Serve the Lord?

I.         John 4:34-38 - Jesus told his disciples to serve the Lord by bringing others to Him

            A.        Mt. 28:19-20 - Commanded to go into all the world.

            B.        We all have this responsibility.

II.        Yet, many find excuses to not work.

            A.        “I’m not eloquent enough to be of any great service.”

                        1.         Moses tried this excuse - Ex 4:10-12

                        2.         Excellency of speech has never been high on God’s list in selecting servants.

                        3.         Paul was not concerned with how well he spoke - I Cor. 2:1

                        4.         The power is in the message, not the messenger - Rom. 1:15-16

            B.        Many feel unqualified to be of service because they lack education

                        1.         Somehow people feel that those with high degrees of learning are in a better position to be successful in serving God.

                        2.         Usually degrees are more a hindrance than a help. Far too often, the more learning a person has, the less faith he possesses.

                        3.         Learn of the example of the Apostles - Acts 4:13

                                    a.         They were ignorant and unlearned men

                                    b.         Their boldness came from being with Jesus

            C.        Some feel they could make an impact, if they just possessed great riches.

                        1.         Riches can be a blessing or a curse — more often the later. - I Tim. 6:9

                        2.         How did a poor widow win the notice of our Lord? Mk 12:41-44

                                    a.         Certainly it was not in the quantity that she gave.

                        3.         When God came to this earth, how did He live? Mt 8:20

                                    a.         The common people gladly listened to Him - Mk 12:37

                                    b.         It was the rich and mighty rulers that opposed Him.

            D.        Some use the excuse “I have nothing to wear” to not attend services.

                        1.         Yet these same people are able to go anywhere else that they wish.

                        2.         We usually do what we want to do.

                        3.         What did John, the baptizer, wear in his service to the Lord? - Mt 3:1-6

                        4.         God looks at our hearts, not our stylish clothing - I Sam. 16:7; I Pet. 3:3-4

                        5.         More brethren need to learn the lesson in James 2:1-9

            E.        Some believe their health is not good enough to serve God

                        1.         Gaius was not in as good in physical health as he was spiritually - III Jn 2

                        2.         People use their health as a reason not to attend services, but they are able to go other places and do other things.

                        3.         Paul had his torn in the flesh, but it didn’t stop him - II Cor. 12:7-10

                        4.         Gal 4:13-14 - The reason for the Galatians being Christians was Paul’s illness!

III.       It seems that people are only willing to serve the Lord if everything is convenient and opportune.

            A.        Jesus spoke of such people in Lk 14:16-24

            B.        Was it convenient to worship, sing, and teach while in prison? - Acts 16:25

            C.        We need to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and not wait for a convenient time as Felix wished - Acts 24:25

            D.        Deut 32:13-15 - It is when everything is going well for us that we tend to forget our Lord.