The Value is in the Use

The Value is in the Use

One of Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” columns pictures a plain bar of iron worth $5. The same bar of iron, if made into horse shoes would be worth $50. If it were made into needles, it would be worth $5,000. It were made into balance springs for fine Swiss watches, it would be worth $500,000. The raw material is not as important as how it’s developed.


I.         What have you done with the raw materials God has given you? - I Peter 4:10

            A.        We each do not have the same mixture of gifts - Romans 12:4-8

            B.        What raw material we have doesn’t matter as much as what we do with the material.

            C.        I Corinthians 12:12-27

II.        A parable explains that the Lord gives us each material and expects us to so something with it - Luke 19:12-27

            A.        Are we hoarding what God has given us?

            B.        Or are we developing it, putting it to use, and thereby making it more valuable?