Mind Your Manners

Mind Your Manners

Text: Luke 17:11-19


I.         Is it just me, or have people have become quite rude?

            A.        It seems that common courtesy has become increasingly uncommon

            B.        Rudeness is glorified on television, movies, and videos. You would think the only way to get people to laugh is to be crude.

            C.        I realize that standards for polite behavior change over the years, but people seem to pursue the impolite just because we can.

II.        Disrespect is not just a modern-day problem

            A.        During the fall of Israel, Jeremiah laments that the people are disrespectful to the elderly - Lamentations 5:12

            B.        In describing the decay of the Gentile society, Paul noted that people were insolent or despiteful (literally, insulting), haughty or arrogant, boasters - Romans 1:30

            C.        In describing the character of the last days, we learn that people will be hostile to various virtues - II Timothy 3:3-4

            D.        While rudeness will not ever disappear, Christians must work to stem the tide. We are to be the shining lights in a dark world - Philippians 2:15

                        1.         Being Christians is to leave the world behind - John 15:19

                        2.         We are to be different, to stand out because we do things the right way - Ephesians 5:8-11

III.       A Christian owes respect and honor - Romans 13:7

            A.        Meanings

                        1.         Tribute (Taxes) - personal or property taxes for living within a country

                        2.         Custom - tolls and fees

                        3.         Fear - to hold in awe, to give respect

                        4.         Honor - to esteem or hold in honor, to prize

            B.        We have a duty to not only pay our taxes, but to give the proper respect and honor to all men - I Peter 2:17

                        C.        Respect for our bosses

                                    1.         Ephesians 6:5 - Treat them as if we were working for Christ himself

                                    2.         I Peter 2:18 - Respect the position, even if the boss is bad

                        D.        Respect for leaders - I Peters 2:17

                        E.        Respect for parents - Ephesians 6:2 - A command with promise

                        F.        There are three levels of obedience

                                    1.         Disobedient - Not doing what you are told

                                    2.         Obedient without honor - Doing, but grudgingly because you have to

                                    3.         Obedient with honor - Doing willingly and without grumbling

                        G.        Respect for the elderly - Leviticus 19:32

IV.      Tact is the opposite of the insulting

            A.        Colossians 4:6 - Speech well seasoned, with grace

            B.        Ephesians 4:29 - No corrupt talk, but what will improve others

            C.        Ecclesiastes 10:12 - The words of the wise are gracious

            D.        Proverbs 16:21-24 - Consider the sweetness of your words.

            E.        At times hard things must be said, but it must be done well to be accepted.

V.        Showing respect in dress - Matthew 22:11

            A.        Peter put on his outer garment before approaching Jesus - John 21:7

                        1.         What he had was fine for his work with other fishermen, but it was appropriate to speak to the Lord in that state

            B.        A part of women’s apparel is clothing that respectful toward others - I Timothy 2:9-10

VI.      Greetings

            A.        Disciples taught to give greetings when entering a home - Luke 10:5

            B.        Hosts are shown to give greetings when a guest arrives - Luke 10:38

            C.        The love we are to have for one another is shown in our warm welcomes

                        1.         Romans 16:16 - Greet each other

                        2.         Philippians 4:21 - Greet every saint

                        3.         I Peter 5:14 - Greet one another

            D.        Simon the Pharisee’s lack of proper courtesies told much about his poor character - Luke 7:36-47

VII.     Listening

            A.        Jesus listened to the teachers of the law - Luke 2:46

            B.        There are lots of distractions in the world that keeps a person from truly listening to other people - Luke 10:39-42

                        1.         Today, it is music, text messages, social networks, games – all that compete for attention

                        2.         Too many can’t put these down to actually converse

            C.        Swift to hear - James 1:19

VIII.    Treatment of others - Luke 6:31

            A.        Look out for the interests of others - Philippians 2:3-4

            B.        This is why we give up our seat for elderly or those with children or burdens

            C.        It is why we leave the back pews open for those in need of them

            D.        Why a husband gives his wife his jacket when she is cold

            E.        Giving a hand to someone with a load

            F.        Not putting ourselves first - Luke 14:8-11

IX.      Hospitality - Luke 14:12-14

            A.        Hospitality is a love of strangers. Love shown for people you do not yet know.

            B.        True hospitality doesn’t find reasons to complain - I Peter 4:9

X.        Contentment

            A.        Eat what is presented without complaint - Luke 10:7-8; I Corinthians 10:27

            B.        Content in any situation - Philippians 4:11-12

            C.        Complaining is a discourtesy - I Corinthians 10:10

            D.        It dims our light - Philippians 2:14-16

XI.      Gratitude - Luke 17:14-17

            A.        A sign of the decaying days are when people are unthankful - II Timothy 3:2

            B.        It is simple courtesy to thank those who have done you favors

XII.     The world may be rude, but be shining lights and mind your manners.