Was Jesus a Vegetarian?

Was Jesus a Vegetarian?


I.         The Omaha World-Herald has a hilarious article on a new advertising campaign by PETA.

            A.        They are claiming Jesus was a vegetarian.

            B.        Their “evidence”

                        1.         A belief that Jesus was an Essene and some of that sect were believed to be against the killing and eating of animals.

                        2.         There is no mention in the Bible of Jesus eating meat.

                                    a.         This is qualified to beef, pork, or poultry.

                                    b.         What the difference between a land animal and a sea animal is beyond me.

                        3.         Jesus’ throwing out of the money changers is supposedly his protest over the selling and sacrifices of animals

                        4.         A claim that the world started as vegetarian and remain that way.

II.        First Jesus was Jew who perfectly kept the Law of Moses

            A.        Jesus lived a sinless life - II Cor. 5:21; Heb 4:15

            B.        Therefore, Jesus as a Jew must have kept the Law perfectly.

            C.        All Jews were required to keep the Passover celebration - Ex 12:47

                        1.         The Gospels specifically mention Jesus keeping three Passovers in Jerusalem.

                        2.         Everyone was required to eat a lamb - Ex 12:3-4

                        3.         The entire lamb had to be eaten or burned - Ex 12:10

                        4.         If Jesus did not eat the lamb, then he would have been violating the Law - Num 9:12

            D.        The Bible records that Jesus ate the Passover feast, which would have included the roasted lamb - Luke 22:14-15

                        1.         He instructed the disciples to prepare the lamb for the purpose of eating it - Luke 22:7-8

            E.        There is no mention of Essenes in the New Testament, though other sects are mentioned.

                        1.         Therefore to claim Jesus was an Essene is simple wishful thinking on PETAs part

III.       Jesus did eat fish as well as lamb - Matthew 15:34

            A.        Jesus promoted the catching of fish for food - John 12:5-6, 9-14

                        1.         Notice that he ate with them

IV.      The eating of meat was allowed starting from the departure from the ark. -Gen 9:3

            A.        Sacrifices of animals started after the departure from the Garden - Gen 4:4

            B.        By the way, did you realize God killed the first animals to make fur skin clothing for Adam and Eve? - Gen 3:21

            C.        The Old Law allowed for the eating of various kinds of meat - Lev 11, Deut 14:3-20

                        1.         The eating of beef, lamb, various poultry and fish were allowed under the Law.

                        2.         Jesus’ eating of these things would not violate the Law.

V.        The Law require numerous animal sacrifices

            A.        If Jesus protested against animal sacrifices, then he would have been protesting against the teachings of the Law of Moses – a sin.

            B.        Mark 11:17 - Jesus protested the profiteering being made off of an ordinance of God - also John 2:14-16

VI.      Christ’s new law allows any meat to be eaten except for blood and strangled animals (because the blood remains in the meat).

            A.        Peter was commanded by God to kill and eat meat - Acts 10:9-16

            B.        I Cor 10:25-26 - Eat anything sold in the meat market without question.

            C.        The forbidding of certain foods is an indication of departing from the faith - I Tim 4:1-5