Hastening the Day of the Lord

Hastening the Day of the Lord

Text: II Peter 3:3-15


I.         When there is an event coming up that you really look forward to, it seems that time just drags.

            A.        Christmas when you were little, graduating from High School, going off to college, your wedding day, etc.

            B.        But then in other ways you realize that there is so much that needs to get done. How are you ever going to fit everything in?

II.        Paul talked about this conflict between wanting to go and wanting to accomplish more - Philippians 1:18b-26

            A.        There are things to be accomplished while we are here on earth

                        1.         When Hezekiah was told that he would die earlier than expected, he moaned the fact that there were still things he wanted to thank God for and sons he wanted to teach - Isaiah 38:17-19

                        2.         There are people to teach - Psalms 71:17-21

                        3.         There are people to warn and protect - Acts 20:29-31

            B.        Yet, heaven is so much greater than this life

                        1.         We will get to see God - Psalms 17:15

                        2.         The God who has guided us and sustained us all our life - Psalms 73:24-26

                        3.         We look forward to our completed salvation - Romans 8:22-25

                        4.         To be able to inherit the promises - Hebrews 6:10-12

                        5.         To rest from our works - Hebrews 4:1

                        6.         No more suffering, disappointments or death - Revelation 21:3-4

III.       The danger is getting so wrapped up in the world that you think that this is all you have or all you want

            A.        The world can choke out your desires for something greater - Matthew 13:22

                        1.         It is what happened to Demas, and many others - II Timothy 4:10

            B.        Life is not about possessions, even when you are rich - Luke 12:15-21

                        1.         Wealth and possessions bring temptations - I Timothy 6:9-10

                        2.         Wealth brings about complacency - Deuteronomy 32:15

            C.        Everything in this life wears out and decays - Hebrews 1:10-12

            D.        You didn’t bring anything into this world, and you can’t take them with you - Job 1:21

IV.      With such a home waiting for us, we put up with life here, but we want to go home

            A.        And while we wait, we aim to please God - II Corinthians 5:1-10

            B.        We eagerly await to see Jesus - I Corinthians 1:7

            C.        Looking for the glorious appearing - Titus 2:13

            D.        Those who eagerly wait for him - Hebrews 9:28

            E.        Hastening the day - II Peter 3:12

                        1.         To urge it on, like a crowd cheering its team; eagerly desire

                        2.         Like Revelation 22:20

V.        There is no dread of his coming for the mature follower of Christ

            A.        Perfected love drives out fear - I John 4:17-18

            B.        We know the outcome - II Timothy 4:8